I'm still here!! | Memphis TN Photographer

Hi, there!

So I've gotten a few people asking if I'm still doing photography, because they haven't seen me post anything here on the blog.  So I wanted to make a quick stop and say, YES....ABSOLUTELY :)   I do a lot of my sneak peeks over on my facebook page (click here to head on over and check out some of my recent work!), but I will be headed back to the blog soon.  I miss sharing more than sneak peeks with you guys, so I will be back to blogging full sessions, and I will start with some from way back so that I can catch up!!
Life has definitely gotten a little crazy for me, and unfortunately the blog has been put on the back burner.
I'm so thankful for all of my clients that have found me on Google and still hired me even though the last time I posted was last fall!!  

So just wanted to write a quick post and let y'all know that I'm still around!!

See you soon!!

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