my boy is three!! {personal} | Memphis TN Photographer

I've been busy getting ready for my little guy's third birthday, which was yesterday!  He's three and not my little baby anymore....and he's definitely quick to remind me!   Yesterday he told me, "mommy, you can't call me baby anymore, but you can say big boy" heart.breaking.now.
Anyways, I decided that on his last day of being two, I would take some photos and video of him just hanging out and doing his thing :)

I would love for you guys to take a look and tell me what you think!  Is this something you would want for your own kiddo?

p.s.  please don't judge me for my unmade, totally messy bed!! I was washing the bedding and the beds were stripped...I couldn't pass up the chance to capture him jumping on the bed!! LOL
p.s.s.  the song playing is by the band Red Sheperd.  They were kind enough to give me permission to use their songs on my slideshows and website!! <3

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  1. Wonderful,my Lucas he is a inteligent,marvelous,like you when you was like him.I love him so much.The video and music very good deserve an Oscar.I love you so much my Kiki.