Ms. T {cute kiddos!} | Memphis TN Children Photographer

I absolutely love photographing kids!  I enjoy each and every session with them.  I love getting home and seeing what I captured and seeing that sparkle in their eyes.  Kids' eyes are so amazingly reflective, it just amazes me every time :)
This session was no different, this little girl was so much fun!  She had so many good ideas and was giving me some awesome "supermodel" looks (see the last photo in this post :) ).  We had a blast!!!

Thank you to her momma for bringing her out and letting me take pictures of her!  I hope we get to do it again soon :)

These were some of my very faves from the session, although it was VERY hard to choose!!


  1. Your images look wonderful Maryrose! Her eyes are gorgeous.

  2. Thank you so much, Manda!! It means a lot to me that you came to look at my little blog!! :)