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I'm finally getting around to blogging the wonderful sessions I was a part of when I went down to Austin, TX a little while back.
I attended a workshop in San Antonio earlier this year, and met some WONDERFUL ladies that I am so happy to now call friends.  It was a one day workshop, but we connected and have become photog BFF's (right, ladies?...or am I the only one feeling this way...haha).
I was so glad when we all decided to get together again and do some talking, shooting (with our cameras), and all around fun-having (is that grammatically correct?...probably not!).
I was also happy to get to connect with some of the ladies from the workshop that I really didn't get to talk to too much at the first workshop, they are all so awesome and talented!!
Can't wait until we all meet up again!

Noelle and Jeremy were the first couple that we got to shoot.  Aren't they just camera perfect?!...Noelle is GORGEOUS and has the best style.  She brought three (awesome!) outfit changes, which of course is a photographer's dream!! I wanted all her clothes!!...and Jeremy wasn't too bad himself, totally comfortable in front of the camera!

We had a great time with these two, and I loved so many of the images from their shoot.
These were a few of my favorites!

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