Giveaway winner!! | Memphis TN Photographer

This was such a fun giveaway!...thank you for all of those who came and liked my page and voted for your friends to win a free session with me.
I counted and recounted, and counted again....just to make sure I was right.  The race was so close there for a second that I thought we might have a tie!!

but the winner is...drumroll pleeeeaaaaseeeee.......

Elizabeth Carroum Haywood!!!!

Elizabeth, thank you so much for sending your friends over!! You definitely had a ton of people on your side!!  I will be contacting you so that we can talk about details of scheduling your free session :)

Melissa, I also want to thank you for sending your friends over!  You had a lot of people rooting for you, too!!   I don't want you to leave empty handed...so I'll be contacting you with a special offer  :)

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by my page!! I hope you stick around to see the photos from your friends' sessions!! 

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!!

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