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I absolutely love the fall!!..I think I have mentioned that before, right? ;)

The colors, the light, the weather...the pumpkin spice lattes...yummm!!!

We wanted to go out this weekend and take our little one to see some pumpkins, since he is completely obsessed with them, and nothing could make me happier!!
So we decided to head to the corn maze at the Memphis Agricenter.  We didn't make it to the corn maze, but we stumbled across Country Gardens Nursery, which is right next to the Agricenter.
We were looking for a pumpkin patch type activity, but I'm so glad we went in!!  They had AH-MAZING pumpkins there!!  I have never seen so many different kinds!
They had teeny tiny ones and big ol' huge ones.  They had some with what looked like corn on them, and some called "peanut pumpkins", which looked like they had peanuts attached to them.
It was very cool!  They boy enjoyed them and couldn't stop saying "I see pumpkin!".  He even walked away with his own complimentary (just cause he's so cute) pumpkin.
Of course the one he chose was teeny tiny and close to rotting ;)  but he loved it like it was the most perfect pumpkin in the world!!

So if you get a chance, check Country Gardens Nursery out!  It's a fun outing for the kiddos!

Here are some photos that I snapped there of the amazingness...I was in awe...my husband thought I was weird...he didn't say that...but I'm sure he thought I was weird.

p.s.  This is not a paid advertisement,...Country Gardens Nursery has no idea who I am and they have no idea that I'm writing this...just wanted to share with my Memphis peeps who might want to check out somewhere new! :)

Here is the boy and his little pumpkin :)

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