What You Love to Hate: Day 5 | {Joy of Love}

Day five's assignment is "What You Love to Hate".
I thought about this one hard....sure, things annoy me, but I didn't know how I was going to capture with my camera.
So this morning I saw my husband playing with his new phone....wait, rewind,  I bought him this phone for Christmas (so this is kind of my fault, I guess).  But, the man had a phone from 1998 (OK...a little exaggeration on my part, but his phone WAS older than 5 years)...he would not get rid of it, the phone would drop calls, not keep a charge...it was a mess!
So for Christmas, I bought him a fancy new smartphone...and man, oh, man, he is loving it!...maybe a little too much...
He ignores me (hey, I've got important things to say!), and ignores everything around him.
As I took this photo he was sitting on the ground in front of baby boy's high chair so concentrated on what ever he was doing on that thing.

So that's it...I love that he has a new phone that actually works, but I hate that he is now obsessed with it

He totally thinks I'm a hypocrite, though, since I barely took my eyes off of my iPhone when I first got it ;) 

Thanks for looking!!

Camera: Nikon D60
aperture: f/1.8
focal length: 35mm
ISO: 800
exposure: 1/50
shot in aperture priority

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