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I am currently on the hunt for a great camera bag.  I have been looking and looking for something functional, but great looking at the same time.  Currently, my camera and lenses (including my new one I got from Santa!) are just floating around my house.  Making their way from the dining room table (where I put them), to the entertainment console drawer (where my husband puts them...over and over, after I pull them out, over and over...).  I am also going out of the country next month and I'm planning to take my camera with me, so I NEED a camera bag to take all of this gear in. 
So after much "Googling", review reading, etc...I came across this great line of bags made by Kelly Moore. Kelly is a photographer herself, so she knows what women photographers want and need! I love that!...The bags are SO awesome.  I am currently in love with the Kelly Moore Classic Bag in muted teal...*sigh*...so pretty and it will fit all of my lenses (and my passport, too!)....
One thing I liked about the shopping experience is that Kelly has some videos showing how to use the different style of bags!  Which I found to be so helpful in the decision making process.
So...check them out here, and find your favorite.  I have mine and will be clicking the "purchase" button soon! 


ok...maybe this is my favorite...eeek!

This is my favorite!  but I want it in teal ;)

FYI: I wrote this post because Kelly Moore Bags is kind enough to offer $30 off on your next purchase if you write about their bags on your blog.  Even if you don't own one you can write about how much you want one! How cool is that?!?

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